Name: Bubble 

Year: December-2021

Size: 17Lx17Wx14H in

Material: Water White Clear Urethane Liquid Rubber Compounds


In my imagination of the future, more and more transparent and translucent materials will be used. The city is designed in an ecological way. People work in an open space with a mixture of plants. All the product should be made by singular material but contain multiple functions. The making process will get simplified. Human being is getting more and more involved to the nature.

Based on the thought, I found something interesting in resin: resin is usually liquid, so, it is able to control the thickness. When the cured resin is thick, it is more rigid and stiff; when the cured resin is thin, it is more soft and flexible. Also, the material property could be gradually changed by giving a slope in the mold.

In that case, I want to make a ellipsoid which has 1 inch thickness at the bottom and gradually changes to 1 quarter at the top. According to the assumption I made, the ellipsoid should be rigid and structurally supported at the bottom, and should be soft and flexible at the top which allows people to seat on, theoretically.

I made a lot of testing. I will introduce the whole making process in a more detailed way on the BUBBLE MAKING post.

All in all, I completed this Bubble chair, or we could call it Bubble stool, or Bubble ottoman, whatever. It could be used as both seating object and ottoman. 

FALL 2021

I really love the transparency it created. It looks like an ice ball with a distance. So, when I was doing the presentation, everyone thought it was rigid like a glass ball. But when I pressed on the top, people immediately noticed the lovely softness at the top and gave a big wow.  I really loved their reaction:)