Name: Leopard

Year: January-2022

Size: 42Lx44Wx30H in

Material: Black velvet, gold-brown velvet, foam and wood

The inspirations for the chair are the black leopard and the black velvet dress. 

The mixture of black velvet and gold-brown velvet creates a feeling of luxury visually and tactilely. Also, the low and wide proportion of the chair adds more feeling of comfort.

The metallic gold color on the feet, the metal ring at the back and also the sewing thread is designed as a nice detail on the chair.

The gold-brown velvet belt starts from the inner side of the arm and go all the way back to the seat back. There is a velcro sewed on the belt that allows the belt could be fastened at the back.

I deliberately made the belt as two narrow strips instead of having a wide one. Because the linear element could break some heaviness from the black color. 

The metallic gold thread is too thin to be seen on the black velvet. In that case, I sewed the thread in a zig-zag shape to make the linear gold color more visible on the fabric.

I summarized the making process and post an article named “LEOPARD MAKING“, take a quick look if you are interested and curious about the making steps:)