Tenon and Mortise: A connecting method of combining concave-convex parts on the two components.

The convex section is called tenon, and the concave section is called mortise.

Tenon and Mortise can be categorized according to different  situations. 

The resource I collected is in Chinese. So, I TRANSLATE THE CONTENT BY MYSELF. I checked the dictionary but it is difficult to find the English name which is corresponding to the Chinese term. But I will confirm them all to my furniture department professor in RISD and correct them later. Please correct me if you know any English terms of these tenons, I will be really appreciate it!

  • According to the shape of the tenon
  • According to the number of tenons
  • According to the appearance on the mortise surface
  • According to the appearance (more like decoration)
  • According to the position of the tenon
  • According to the structure of the tenon


  1. Chapter2.1. Joints of Wood Furniture, “Basic joining methods of wood furniture” by Northwest A&F University on MOOC, 2021.

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