Year: Summer 2017

L x W x H INCHES : 20x20x17
Material: Wood, Foam, Muslin/Leather


It is really important that you figure out the dimension of all materials before making an ottoman.

The final dimension of an ottoman is affected by the size of the wood box, the thickness of foam, cotton and the fabric. The trickiest thing of an upholstered product is that the height will change when people sit on it. So, you need to think carefully about the thickness of the foam you want.

The most challenging part of the making process is to sew the fabric. The ottoman is vertically symmetrical, so, I cut two larger pieces of fabric for the front and the back, then seven pieces of fabric on one side and mirrored the shape to the other side. The sewing is so complex and I revise the stitches for about eight times.

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