Year: Fall 2022

L x W x H INCHES : 15x17x29
Material: Ash Wood and Milk Paint


The Red chair, from my perspective, is a significant development of my design concept.

To connect the three wood boards, I create two sets of small wood columns in an uniform size on both the seat and the back. The repetitive dimension of these columns builds an unified design language. Besides, I use milk paint to paint the chair in red to cover the distracting natural pattern on the wood and let the unique structure become more prominent.

During the process, I tried to utilize the Steam Bending technique to form the wood board in a curved shape. Unfortunately, it was difficult to bend the wood to a strict 90-degree angle. Firstly, the wood would easily crack when it was forced to the right angle. Secondly, the wood would shrink and change the angle when it got dry. I failed twice. So, I used mortise and tenon to connect the leg to the seat eventually.

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