Name: LOTUS - Table Set

Year: December 2022

L x W x H cm : 70x53x31 | 59x47x43 | 39x47x50
Material: Glass, Metal


Each individual module table consists of two parts: metal legs and a glass table top.

The metal table leg is laser cut into a designated pattern firstly, and then bent into the structure shown in the picture. Due to the material properties of the metal, a one-inch-diameter hollow hemispherical shape can be pressed on the top. The following part at the top should be bent like a clamp. For better load bearing, the bottom of the table leg is horizontally bent inward into a half column structure.

For the glass table top, the flat glass piece should have three one-inch-diameter holes to allow the hemispherical and the clamp structure at the top of the metal leg to insert and clamp. This structure allows the table top and legs of a single module table to be disassembled, which is convenient for transportation and storage

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