Name: Jewelry Box

Year: 2017 Spring

Size: 16x9x6 in

Material: Paduak, dark pig skin

Influenced by the architectures and gardens in Jiangnan, China. I am attracted by the change of structural density. The variational space sequences create an interesting rhythm which enriches the visual effect. To make a delicate, beautiful jewelry box, I decide to adapt the theory from the structure of architectures in Jiangnan, and make the box double-layered.

The wood I bought is called African Paduak. It is soft and contains a rich red color. However, the color could easily fade away if the wood is exposed in the sun. It will turn from the orange red to a yellowish brown color. I add three layers of oil finish and one layer of wax, but it doesn’t help much.

II try laser cut technique on this project. I design a complex pattern and apply the file on the laser cutting machine. So, the machine cut the hollow pattern on top, front and back sections, and do a shallow engraving on the drawers.

The front section is like a gate with two wings on both sides. It holds the six drawers in position. When you unlock the bronze hardware and lower the front gate, the six drawers will be revealed and pivot open individually.