Name: FUFU Chair

Year: October 2022 

Chair Size: 34Lx20Wx31H in

Design is not only for convenient use, but also a bridge of emotion transit. The designer expresses through design, and the user receives through design. A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets. The same design can create different understanding. How romantic it is that the collision between people’s thoughts and emotions gives birth to new stories.

Therefore, a good design should contain abundant emotions, like a fuse that can ignite an emotional bomb. When people see it, they will unconsciously be attracted to it. Through the design, viewers are able to associate part of their memories and experiences, project their emotions, thus arouse an emotional resonance.

The keyword of the design is “set free feelings”. Let those feelings that are hidden, repressed and nowhere to pour out be released, unrestrained and free. I got inspiration from Furoshiki Cloth, which is a Japanese traditional wrapping method to carry/lift goods. 

The whole design contains two individual cushions: one for the back and one for the seat, and a big piece of cloth. Generally the idea is to utilize the wrapping technique to wrap these two square cushions in a chair structure. The tied bow at the front of the back cushion has some thickness ( because I add some dacron and betting inside) so it is able to support the waist and allow people to sit in a more comfortable way.

I record a short video about the wrapping process. It is posted on Youtube, and here is the link if you are not able to open it through the website page.