Name: PLANE – table set

Year: December 2022 

Material: Acrylic


The starting point of this design comes from a question raised by a friend of mine who is moving recently: Why is the coffee table so huge and heavy, low frequency of usage, and inconvenient to move?
Therefore, I try to design a modular coffee table which is composed of several modules. These modules can be placed together to form a large plane, or can be moved individually and used as a side table.


Size(right): 24L x 16.5W x 16H

Size(left): 16W x 11.5W x 18H

Thickness: 3/8 in

Lasercut and heat bend

Due to the material characteristics of acrylic and the manufactory process, I decided to laser cut a two-dimensional pattern and bend it with a strip heater, so that the two-dimensional pattern can be formed into a three-dimensional structure.

This technique reminds me of origami and a paper toy that almost everyone in our childhood has folded: paper plane

Various Arrangements and Compositions
In Use
1/4 in thickness Prototypes I built